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The Spencer Fane Collegiate Athletics Legal Team helps athletic directors, athletic departments and coaches successfully navigate complex business, legal and regulatory issues…so you can focus on winning.

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We maintain a more detailed and deeper version of USA TODAY’s database of coach and athletic executive compensation. We use this information in conjunction with a host of historic and emerging performance data to provide our clients a competitive advantage in identifying value and opportunities in the marketplace.

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Athletic Directors Compensation Survey

Our Collegiate Athletics team recently published the FBS Athletic Directors’ Compensation Survey listing the salaries, bonuses and other compensation of college athletic directors. View the sortable database here.

AthleticDirectorU published a detailed analysis of the database examining Athletics Directors’ contracts and compensation including tenure, bonuses, buyouts and payouts, and hiring practices. To read the full analysis, please click here.

Other articles written by the Spencer Fane Collegiate Athletics team and published in ADU include:

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