Wired for service. Wirelessly and tirelessly serving telecoms.

New and emerging technologies continue to change the ways we live, learn, shop, socialize, conduct business, and communicate, even as the laws and regulations governing those technologies struggle to keep pace. The Spencer Fane Telecommunications team works to meet the legal needs of emerging and established telecom companies embedded in this fast-evolving industry and their customers who are seeking to purchase services.


Identifying strategic opportunities, managing risks

Our Telecommunications lawyers represent national and regional clients across the entire spectrum of communications technologies and platforms, including competitive telecommunications, VoIP, broadband, cable, broadcast television, radio, internet, social media, landlines, and newspapers.

We bring exceptional value to telecom companies in a number of ways:

  • Representing clients before state public utility commissions and federal and state courts on regulatory and litigation matters.
  • Advising telecommunications companies in transactions of all kinds, including mergers and acquisitions and public and private offerings of securities.
  • Advising clients on emerging technologies, including how to incorporate advanced technologies into their businesses while mitigating risk.
  • Drafting and negotiating terms of use, license agreements, access and use agreements, and other commercial contracts.