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2021 Probate and Trust Law Section Conference

Spencer Fane attorney Serena O’Neil will be presenting at the 2021 Probate and Trust Law Section Conference. Hosted by the Minnesota CLE, the webinar will focus on recent developments, best practices, and practical guidance in probate and trust law.

Employment and Labor Law Virtual Seminar

Untangling an Intricate Web – Designing and Implementing Paid Leave Policies

Spencer Fane attorney Helen Holden will present an upcoming CLE webinar on employer paid leave policies.

What Now? The Ever-Evolving Status of Title IX Regulations

Spencer Fane attorneys Joseph Hatley and Stephanie Lovett-Bowman will present an upcoming webinar covering the updated Title IX regulations.

WorkSmarts Half-Day Seminar: Spring Into Action

Spencer Fane attorneys Fred Johnson, Matt Morrison, Paul Satterwhite, Elizabeth Wente, Ruthie White, and Sue Willman will present an upcoming webinar as part of the WorkSmarts Half Day Seminar series.

The Driving Diversity in Law and Leadership [Virtual Summit]: Los Angeles

Spencer Fane partners Mary Bacon and Elizabeth Wente will speak at an upcoming webinar covering diversity in the legal field. Mary and Elizabeth are members of the Spencer Fane Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee.

Key Considerations to Navigating Workouts and Bankruptcies in the Hospitality/Entertainment Industry

Spencer Fane attorneys Vincent Aiello and Adam LaBoda will present a webinar covering the best ways to handle bankruptcy matters in the hospitality/entertainment field.

SecureWorld Central Virtual Conference

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma will present at the upcoming Secure World virtual conference covering ransomware threats and the incident response life cycle.

Now What? Impact Upon Debt Collection and Loan Servicing After Eleventh Circuit Finds Use of Letter Vendors Violates FDCPA

Spencer Fane attorneys Jamie Cotter, Josh Dickinson,  Kersten Holzhueter, and Kirby McDonough will present an upcoming webinar covering the recent federal decision in Hunstein v. Preferred Collection.

Employer and Health Plan Sponsor Update: Outbreak Period Notice Requirements and ARPA COBRA Subsidies

Spencer Fane attorneys Dan Lacomis and Julia Vander Weele will present a webinar to provide an update on employer and health plan sponsors.

Virtual Trilateral Trade Conference

Spencer Fane attorney Mike Patterson will speak during the Virtual Trilateral Trade Conference, where business and community leaders from Phoenix, Hermosillo, and Calgary will provide insight on cross-border trade opportunities.

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