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HR Policy Review and Development

Spencer Fane Labor and Employment attorneys work with employers to develop and maintain employment policies and handbooks that set expectations for employees and allow employers to hold employees accountable to such standards and expectations, helping clients reduce the risk of employment-related litigation.

Spencer Fane proactively helps employers maintain effective rules of employment and train employees on the related expectations. We focus on making managers and supervisors aware of employment laws and how to lead their organization in accordance with applicable law. Our attorneys counsel business leaders and HR professionals on the best course of action to maintain a defensible position should a claim be made that could result in litigation.

The policies and handbooks that our attorneys create and reuse address a variety of employee issues including, but not limited to attendance, conduct and civility, social media, and protection of confidential information. Our attorneys keep clients apprised of changes in laws and regulations and offer training sessions for managers to instruct them on best practices for implementing or changing company policies.

Additionally, we offer training on FMLA, ADA, how to avoid discrimination and harassment, and best practices with a focus on properly documenting and escalating claims when employees raise concerns.