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Shawn Tuma, Natalie Soas Washington, and Shelby Wilson Provide Insight on Technology and the Law in the Texas Bar Journal

November 24, 2021

Spencer Fane attorneys Shawn Tuma, Natalie Soas Washington, and Shelby Wilson recently wrote an article featured in the Texas Bar Journal covering technology and cyber laws in Texas.

Titled “Computer and Technology,” the article discusses topics related to technology, including data breaches, identity theft, and electronic voting, among others.

Shawn, Natalie, and Shelby break down the following areas in their article:

  • New Data Breach Notification Requirements
  • Identity Theft Enforcement and Protection Act Use of Personal Information Consent
  • Electronic Tracking of Mail-In Early Voting Applications and Ballots
  • Disclosure of Data Collected by Public Transportation Systems
  • Bullying and Cyberbullying in Public Schools
  • Coercion in Relation to the Trafficking of Persons
  • Cybersecurity Training Compliance for Grant Eligibility
  • Texas Schools’ Ability to Share Information Relating to Cybersecurity Incidents

When discussing cyberbullying in public schools, Shawn, Natalie, and Shelby noted that “Texas law requires schools to adopt bullying and cyberbullying policies for the protection of their students. SB 2050 amended Texas Education Code § 37.0832 to add additional policies that the board of trustees of each school district must adopt for their district.”

To read their full article, please click here.