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Hot Employment Topics in California for the Multi-Family Housing Industry

July 25, 2024

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. PDT


Wage and hour issues are one of the key areas California employers face from a compliance and liability perspective, and they pose significant implications in the multi-family housing industry. Litigation of wage and hour claims, particularly in the class and representative action context, represents considerable challenges for employers in the multi-family housing industry. Join Jennifer Coleman, Karen McCay, Elaisha Nandrajog, and Servando Sandoval for a webinar discussing key wage and hour liability theories as well as preventative best practices.

The seminar will explore common areas of potential liability, including:

  • Compensation of on-site employees
  • On-call, standby, and call-back time
  • Reporting time pay
  • Timekeeping, including liability flowing from time rounding and time editing
  • Overtime payments, including regular rate of pay issues
  • Meal period and rest breaks rules
  • Wage statement compliance
  • Payment of final wages

The Spencer Fane team will also discuss best practices aimed at litigation prevention, including:

  • Timekeeping best practices
  • Meal and rest break related best practices
  • The pros and cons of arbitration agreements