False Claims Act / Qui Tam Investigations and Defense

Strategic counsel for high-stakes investigations and litigation.

The risk of being impacted by a government False Claims Act (FCA) investigation or faced with a qui tam or “whistleblower” lawsuit continues to grow, as rapid change has blurred the lines between regulatory, civil, and criminal violations.  Spencer Fane lawyers understand the serious challenges in defending FCA-cases, the collateral issues they present, and we have the knowledge and experience to surmount them.


Defending sensitive, bet-the-company lawsuits with insight, skill, and precision

Combining the experience of our Health Care, White Collar, and Government Affairs teams, as well as subject matter experts in a variety of fields, Spencer Fane’s False Claims Act / Qui Tam Investigations and Defense team understands the unique aspects and intricacy of these issues, lawsuits, and related administrative proceedings.

Our team is comprised of experienced former state and federal prosecutors and regulators, as well as seasoned defense attorneys and accomplished civil litigators from around the country with decades of knowledge in all industries impacted by this ever-evolving area.

Our clients include companies, executives, boards, and individuals in a wide variety of industries, including health care, environmental, financial services, data privacy, cybersecurity, and procurement and defense.

Spencer Fane takes a coordinated approach to address the complex issues involving FCA and Qui Tam investigations cases. We advise on all manner of matters, including:

  • Initial law enforcement and agency contact
  • Responding to subpoenas, civil investigative demands, and requests for information.
  • Investigations and search warrants
  • Regulatory reviews
  • Congressional investigations
  • Parallel civil and criminal litigation, including strategies to address the complications that frequently arise in these parallel proceedings.
  • Responding to requests for information, including providing assistance in federal and state-specific attorney general requests and all other government-initiated requests for information.
  • Internal investigations, including internal compliance and monitoring, audits, coding and billing reviews, department-specific claims relating to HR, and board-initiated inquiries and oversight.