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Estate and Trust Administration

Spencer Fane Tax, Trusts, & Estates attorneys handle all aspects of estate and trust administration from probate of wills to the appropriate distribution of property to beneficiaries. Our attorneys assist with the administration of trusts and estates by working with the personal representatives, trustees, and beneficiaries during this occasionally difficult time to assure that the intended plans of the decedent are carried out in an appropriate manner.

There can be many complicated and interrelated issues involved with the ongoing administration of various types of trusts as well as estates of decedents. We handle these subjects with care and completeness to remove the burden of the administrative process from families, fiduciaries, and beneficiaries while helping to avoid potential for unexpected costs or issues. There are also various income, estate, and generation skipping taxes that may be involved with an estate or trust administration. We provide effective planning solutions and assist with the preparation of any required tax returns.

In unique family situations or difficult relations, we take the lead in communication and conflict resolution when disputes take hold. We talk through issues with the stakeholders involved with the goal of bringing all parties to not only a satisfactory understanding of the process but also to identify potential pathways to a successful outcome.