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Charitable Planning

Spencer Fane attorneys guide business owners and individuals aspiring to set aside assets for charitable purposes. We provide them with guidance on how to distribute possessions or financial donations, or create their own charitable cause or organization. This assures that a client’s desire to give back to local or national organizations with a specific mission can be carried out as planned.

We walk clients through a full array of options to suit their situations, whether that includes tax planning, a desire to support a local or regional community, or establishing charitable funds or trusts that give family members the ability to stay involved with the decisions about future distributions. Our goal is to listen carefully to clients about what they want, present options, and allow them to decide on how to allot their assets. We can efficiently handle routine charitable giving as well as more complicated endowments, and our significant experience coordinating between organizations and donors provides peace of mind to clients.

Regardless of the nature or value of a client’s assets, we can assist in the management and disposition of charitable gifts and bequests.