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Oil and Gas

Few industries move as quickly or change as rapidly as oil and gas. Success in this field requires an advanced understanding of the competitive landscape, on-the-ground partnership between firm and client, and next-level responsiveness that takes into account the constantly evolving legal terrain. Spencer Fane strives to deliver on these needs by bringing to bear the experience of long-time industry veterans who are uniquely positioned to serve oil and gas clients in the upstream and midstream industry segments. Together, we partner with industry participants of all sizes to efficiently address the challenges of the oil and gas business.

We have vast experience practicing in both state and federal courts in traditional exploration and production litigation and before the regulatory bodies with jurisdiction over oil and gas activities. We also have a rich history of negotiating and drafting contracts ranging from oil and gas leases to commodity sales contracts. Whether your interest is in exploration and production or in the service industry, our attorneys can advise you on the challenges you face and help you overcome them. Our team includes former government officials, an Oklahoma Corporate Commission member, and in-house counsel at one of the largest energy companies in the region.

We are a full-service legal team that advises in every channel of the Oil & Gas industry.

  • Litigation
    • The Spencer Fane litigation team regularly handles the full range of industry-related trials, appeals and arbitrations within the oil and gas sector. Our team has the extensive knowledge and experience to generate favorable outcomes for our clients. We advise a variety of clients, including operators, owners, producers, processors, and transporters of oil and gas on a wide breadth of legal matters. While cases are often resolved outside of the courtroom, we have a winning ability to represent our clients when a trial is necessary.
  • Transactions
    • The oil and gas team at Spencer Fane consists of focused, deal-making, legal veterans who efficiently handle transactional needs in a swift and impactful manner. Our attorneys have been in the oil and gas industry for thirty years and understand how to get deals done. We work with entities, established and emerging, on diverse matters that include:
      • Oil and gas leases
      • Drilling contracts
      • Purchase and sale agreements
      • Title opinions
      • Joint operating agreements
      • Confidentiality agreements
      • Seismic agreements
      • Liens
  • Title Examinations
    • At Spencer Fane, we understand the importance of title examination. Our attorneys provide comprehensive title examination services, ensuring that our clients have the strongest possible starting point.