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Class Actions and Other Multi-Party Actions

Spencer Fane has experienced litigators across disciplines who regularly handle class actions and other multi-party actions in courts nationwide, working quickly and aggressively to defend these matters and avoid protracted legal battles for those involved.

Nearly any type of litigation can turn into a multi-party action. When a client engages Spencer Fane for these matters, our goal is to address issues early in the case and defeat them, looking for opportunities to resolve cases outside of litigation and to settle on terms that are creative and favorable to our clients.

Our attorneys have defended all types of class actions, which may fall under Rule 23 of civil procedure, collective actions, or multidistrict actions. We have particularly deep knowledge in the financial sector, and we also handle class actions in the areas of antitrust, cable privacy statutes, toxic and other mass torts, fraud, violations of anti-pyramid statutes, securities fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, environmental claims, and insurance red-lining. In the employment context, we regularly defend class actions involving racial and gender discrimination, collective actions brought under the Fair Labor Standards Act, and other mass actions involving multiple plaintiffs or multiple defendants.

The size of our firm and our geographical footprint allows Spencer Fane to provide any resource as appropriate, including pulling in attorneys from across the country. Although we primarily handle defense of class action cases, our attorneys also represent class action members in certain instances. Our experience working on both sides of these matters gives our attorneys insight into the tactics opposing counsel may use, providing an advantage to clients looking for swift and efficient resolutions to their cases.