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Patents and Trademarks

Spencer Fane Intellectual Property attorneys provide guidance to individuals and businesses of all sizes on how to acquire, maintain, and enforce trademarks and patents, creating plans — whether proactive or reactive — to protect a clients’ interests and maximize the value of their creativity and innovation. Our attorneys are familiar with all aspects of trademark and patent examination procedures, including the appeal processes and post grant challenges of the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Spencer Fane helps entrepreneurs, inventors, and businesses ranging from solo practitioners and small businesses to international corporations in all actions relating to establishing, protecting, and maintaining patents and trademarks. We understand that IP touches many aspects of a business, and this compels us to consult cross-discipline resources within the firm to handle any issues that might arise related to intellectual property.

We serve clients in industries including manufacturing, technology, software, health care, medical devices, financial services, chemical coatings and inks, and many more. We work with executives and other leaders to define an IP program, and in situations where employees invent or develop IP, our team works with the individuals to pursue patents in accordance with the company’s IP program. For companies working internationally, we are well-versed in Madrid Protocol procedures for trademarks and facilitate IP protection in foreign patent and trademark offices with experience maintaining thousands of patents and trademarks across more than 50 countries.

Our work includes co-existence agreements, demand letters, examination procedures, pre-litigation, and appeal boards, and our experience encompasses special processes associated with software patents. Spencer Fane combines local expertise with quality outside searchers to provide trademark registration and patent opinions. We have successfully prosecuted electrical, semiconductor, mechanical, medical device, chemical, biological, software-related, and method patents around the world. We assist clients with ownership issues presented by the transactional acquisition of patents and trademarks and provide due diligence on behalf of sellers and buyers.

Representative Experience

  • Represented medical device company acquiring multiple U. S. and international patents providing continuing advice on broadening its patent portfolio.
  • Represent food processing company acquiring multiple U. S. and international patents and trademark registrations, and assist in international enforcement efforts.
  • Represent personal defense product manufacturer in acquiring and maintaining its international trademark portfolio and assist it in defending its intellectual property interests worldwide.