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Licensing, Copyrights, and Software

Spencer Fane Intellectual Property attorneys serve entrepreneurs, inventors, and entities from small businesses to international corporations in needs ranging from simple copyright registration to complex joint development agreements, providing assistance in creating effective IP protection that can hold up against challenges and in litigation.

No matter what they create, whether a product or service, manufactured, drawn, or developed, Spencer Fane works with clients to put protections in place that allow them to grow their business. We guide clients through complex copyright, tax, and regulatory issues surrounding their innovations. Patents, trademarks, software licensing, joint development agreements, and manufacturing agreements are all within the scope of our services. We also provide training for companies with high volumes of copyright work to allow them to effectively take over registration work in-house.

We assist clients — manufacturers, entrepreneurs, software developers, product developers, and companies that have software needs — to protect their innovations, working with clients ranging from solo businesses to corporations with global reach and individuals.

In the field of software development, our attorneys work with clients on either side of the project with a focus on fairly balancing the interests of both involved parties.

For clients who are requisitioning software, we help protect their unique creation and maintain their rights as a consumer, allowing them to work with their choice of developer in the future. We also create software development agreements, which include benchmarks that allow clients to hold vendors accountable. For vendors, we establish copyright ownership that allows them to maintain innovations within their business, including iterations of software.

In addition, we can help any type of business mitigate risks related to their online presence. We analyze business websites to assess compliance with COPPA and ADA. We also look for proper use and registration of trademarks and review sites to eliminate use of protected works.

Representative Experience 

  • Assisted major IT service provider to develop universal MSA with provision options to tailor the MSA for unique clients nationwide.
  • Assisted nationwide shipping and logistics company with software development agreement maintaining future flexibility for expansion and selection of future vendors.
  • Assisted international coatings manufacturer with joint product development agreement providing a balance of patent ownership and commercialization rights leading to successful development and commercial product launch.
  • Negotiated resolution of allegations of online copyright infringement.
  • Address compliance with National Advertising Review Board product advertising regulations.