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Lawyers in the Spencer Fane Entertainment Law practice provide a broad range of legal services to clients involved in the creation, production, management and protection of all forms of creative works. Our media and entertainment lawyers understand the unique needs of the entertainment industry, whether putting a deal together or vigorously enforcing clients’ contractual and intellectual property rights.

Our attorneys focus on the following areas:

  • Copyright law and licensing
  • Music publishing
  • Record label agreements
  • Music licensing
  • Business development and entity formation
  • Film and television
  • Media relations
  • Sponsorship and endorsement agreements
  • Trademark protection and entity formation and licensing
  • Social media legal advice
  • Right of publicity and branding guidance
  • Dispute avoidance and resolution, through counseling, litigation, arbitration and mediation
  • NCAA Name, Image, Likeness (“NIL”) representation
  • Oklahoma film and television tax incentives

Our clients include record labels, celebrities, reality TV talent, social media influencers, music production companies, authors, visual artists, choreographers, film and television production companies, music publishers, recording artists, songwriters, music producers, artist managers, promoters and music industry and entertainment entrepreneurs. Whether serving a start-up company or an established recording artist, we are dedicated to helping our entertainment clients achieve their business and litigation objectives.

The ability to build long-term relationships is crucial to fostering a client’s success, and our attorneys are committed to the accessibility, diligence and strategies necessary to create and sustain these connections. Our detailed knowledge of intellectual property, litigation and dispute resolution and the evolving entertainment industry serves the needs of our clients throughout their careers.