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Breach Investigation and Notification

Shawn Tuma Talks Impact of Uber Data Breach with WIRED

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma recently spoke with WIRED reporter Lily Hay Newman in the wake of former Uber security chief Joe Sullivan’s rare criminal conviction. The case appears to be the first time that an individual executive has faced criminal prosecution for charges related to a data breach against the executive’s company.

Shawn Tuma Appears as Guest on Unauthorized Access Podcast

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma recently spoke with the Unauthorized Access Podcast on dos and don’ts of forensic investigations and reports during cyber investigations on its September 29 episode, Can Cyber Investigations Be Canned?

Shawn Tuma Discusses Cyber Incident Timelines

Spencer Fane attorney Shawn Tuma recently joined a panel presentation at the Veracross annual EdTech Conference for Independent Schools on June 24.

Spencer Fane Attorneys Discuss Lifespan HIPAA Data Breach

Spencer Fane attorneys Stacy Harper, Shannon Bond, Hillary Martel, and Shawn Tuma recently published an article featured in Law360 discussing a large Office of Civil Rights (OCR) investigation and settlement.