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Creditors’ Rights, Loan Enforcement, and Creditor Bankruptcy

Attorneys in the Creditors’ Rights, Loan Enforcement, and Creditor Bankruptcy practice at Spencer Fane have experience working with all constituencies in bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings, allowing our clients to cost-efficiently resolve the turmoil of situations involving financially troubled companies through our comprehensive understanding of these issues.

We help clients recoup their investments through bankruptcy, receivership, negotiating, and litigation throughout the United States. Our attorneys take an aggressive but thoughtful approach, working to build consensus and find efficient business solutions to insolvency proceedings including, but not limited to, litigation. We take on complex and high-stakes cases, and we have access to talented and experienced attorneys in other practice areas, such as Real Estate and Health Care, to provide assistance when needed for multi-faceted cases.

Uniquely, our attorneys do debtor and trustee work in addition to handling matters for creditors. That experience provides added value to our banking clients, giving us insight into how the other side of the legal matter thinks and allowing us to anticipate likely next steps and more effectively bring a case to resolution.

Our attorneys’ experience in bankruptcy and insolvency matters is extensive. In addition to our real-world experience, our attorneys are proven thought leaders having written and presented on numerous insolvency related topics including creditors’ remedies, secured lending strategies when dealing with an insolvent borrower, and the intersection of receivership and bankruptcy.