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Rick Kron and Tom George to Speak at Special District Association Conference

This year’s Special District Association (SDA) Conference, September 13-15 in Keystone, Colorado will feature two speakers from Spencer Fane.

In a session titled “Colorado Constitutional Law and Special Districts: It’s More than Just TABOR,” Spencer Fane attorneys Tom George and Rick Kron will form a panel discussing how several of the somewhat complex and obscure provisions in the Colorado Constitution apply to special districts and impact their operations and budgets. This presentation, aimed at directors and managers, will romp through Colorado’s version of the Bill of Rights, provisions on officers, debt, taxes, Gallagher, TABOR, nuclear detonations, and other nooks and crannies of the fundamental law of the state.

In another session, titled “Tales of Mystery and Imagination: How Managers and Attorneys Work Together,” Rick Kron will join a panel discussing district projects and coordination of the roles of the managers and attorneys. District managers on the panel will discuss methods of working with differing attorney opinions, while the attorneys on the panel will discuss why attorneys sometime focus on the details of particular management tasks.

Tom George helps existing special districts such as metropolitan districts, water and sanitation districts, parks and recreation districts, business improvement districts, fire districts, and other governmental authorities with day-to-day operations, elections, public finance, and statutory compliance so they can build and maintain public improvements and provide efficient services to property owners and constituents.

Rick Kron is a local government attorney who helps residents, landowners and developers organize, manage, and finance special districts, business improvement districts, and intergovernmental authorities, so they can build maintain and operate public facilities, programs and services.

The Special District Association of Colorado is a statewide membership organization serving the interests of the special district form of local government. Special districts fill a vital role in providing many of the basic services and public needs of the people of Colorado, including fire and rescue services, streets, water and wastewater treatment and delivery, parks and recreation amenities, hospitals, libraries and cemeteries.