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Bill Hopkins Appears on AHLA Top 10 Podcast Series to Talk Long Term Care Reform

April 27, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Bill Hopkins was a featured guest on the American Health Law Association (AHLA)’s Top 10 Podcast Series earlier this year.

Bill’s episode, Top Ten 2023: Long Term Care Reforms, expands on the article he co-authored for AHLA’s January issue, which explained why long-term or “post-acute care” is a current, top ten health law topic. Bill spoke with podcast host Annapoorani Bhat about factors that impact long-term care, such as cultural views of the elderly, staffing issues, recent presidential directives, private equity insurance, and more.

“Any attention paid to the industry is helpful because it allows them the opportunity to raise these issues and to have these discussions,” Bill shared. “If we can yield good results and take care of people … that really is the point.”

At Spencer Fane, Bill helps to protect health care providers and health care companies against the many potential pitfalls in the industry, serving as both an advocate and educator for his clients in administrative law, regulatory defense, compliance, and litigation. He ensures that the legal aspects of health care are covered, so his clients can maintain their focus where it matters most – providing health care.

Watch Bill’s full episode here.