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Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

Spencer Fane Tax, Trusts, & Estates attorneys assist individuals in achieving specific intentions for their wills, trusts, and estate planning, utilizing the most effective and tax-advantaged methods available when seeking to deploy their assets.

Regardless of the values involved, most people want to create a successful plan for the management and disposition of assets with attention to the intended goals for the future use of those assets. Our attorneys work to become trusted family advisers, and our deep experience allows us to meet immediate needs while also building sustainable solutions for multiple generations ahead. We listen to clients to discover what end goal they have in mind and then develop a road map intended to help them accomplish their objectives.

Our focus is simple: to provide high-quality services and practical, cost-efficient solutions for our clients’ estate planning needs, from a simple will to a complex trust requiring detailed tax planning. We effectively design and create all types of estate planning documents and assist in the transfer and titling of assets that limit costs and the potential for unnecessary disputes that might compromise the original intent.

With our attorneys’ deep experience, we recommend solutions aimed at preserving those intentions while maintaining desired flexibility — and avoiding administrative headaches — for beneficiaries. In unique or difficult family situations, we help to increase communication and work to ensure a client’s affairs are in order and in a strong position to stand up against unwanted challenges.