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Asset Protection Planning

The Spencer Fane Tax, Trusts, & Estates practice frequently advises individuals on asset protection in an increasingly litigation-prone society, helping to protect assets and the inheritances they leave to beneficiaries. We leverage our significant experience in estate planning to provide reasonable, cost-efficient options for any estate planning situation involving assets important to our clients.

Along with customizing an estate plan, our attorneys collaborate with clients to determine the needs of their beneficiaries and what the ultimate goal is for assets involved. We assist clients in implementing systems that preserve possessions and monetary interests and leave the desired legacy. The practical solutions we offer maintain flexibility for beneficiaries while preserving the client’s intentions for his or her assets.

The tools available to our clients range from the easy and inexpensive to the complex and nuanced. No matter the path chosen, we ensure that it minimizes administrative headaches and paperwork, and by listening and building relationships with clients — many times over decades of work — we craft plans that best suit clients and their families.