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Appellate Litigation

When a trial is finished, it doesn’t mean the litigation is over. Win or lose at trial, appeals present unique opportunities to reverse a bad result or to preserve a hard-earned win.

Appeals present unique challenges. Successful appellate work requires a dispassionate review of the litigation through trial, a willingness to focus on those issues which will lead to a successful result on appeal, and the skill to know when to abandon arguments that seemed like great ideas in the heat of a trial. Appellate judges look at cases differently, and your attorneys must be able to do the same. That’s where a Spencer Fane appellate attorney’s experience is critical.

Spencer Fane Appellate Litigation attorneys have argued and won cases in appellate courts all across the country, including the United States Supreme Court. Our attorneys are well-versed in the language and arguments that will be most persuasive to an appellate court, and they have the experience to present appeals with themes that are most likely to resonate with appellate judges.

Getting that extra set of eyes on a case can mean the difference between winning and losing an appeal. Spencer Fane Appellate Litigation attorneys can handle your appeal from start to finish. Or they can or consult with trial counsel (including attorneys from other firms) in those cases where the trial counsel will be primarily handling the appeal.