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Appellate Litigation

The Spencer Fane Appellate Litigation practice represents businesses, governments, nonprofit organizations, and individuals in handling any type of appeal, no matter what attorney or which firm handled the trial. Win or lose at trial, appeals present unique opportunities for attorneys to help reverse a bad result or to preserve a hard-earned win.

Spencer Fane Appellate Litigation attorneys have argued and won cases in appellate courts across the country, including the United States Supreme Court. We collaborate with attorneys in other cities, practices, and even other firms to refine appellate arguments in order to best serve the client. While our attorneys regularly handle appealed cases from start to finish, we also can step in after trial in matters that appear headed toward an appeal. If a trial has been handled by a different firm, our attorneys will work with trial counsel cooperatively, respectfully, and efficiently through the appellate process.

Appeals present unique challenges, and successful appellate work requires a dispassionate review of the litigation through trial, a willingness to focus on issues that will lead to a successful result on appeal, and the skill to know when to abandon arguments. Appellate judges look at cases differently, and appeals are argued differently than at the original trial. Our attorneys are highly experienced in appellate litigation with a strong track record of favorable results achieved on behalf of our clients. We are well-versed in the language and arguments that will be most persuasive to an appellate court, and we have the experience to present appeals that are most likely to resonate with appellate judges.