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No matter the industry, litigation can threaten the future of any business. When reputation, success, and even survival hang in the balance, a business needs somewhere to turn. The litigation team at Spencer Fane consists of experienced attorneys recognized both locally and nationally in their fields. With litigators licensed throughout the United States, our team collaborates to advocate for clients across the country before mediators, arbitration panels, judges and juries.

From fast-moving injunction proceedings to fact-intensive commercial disputes, our litigation team is poised to address the full range of litigation risks that a business might encounter. Our attorneys are thoughtful and aggressive advocates who regularly obtain victories in state and federal courts, as well as at arbitration and mediation. We bring experience to corporate disputes ranging from business torts and contract claims to shareholder battles and nationwide class actions.

We understand that litigation strategy and tactical decisions must incorporate the business perspective and we pride ourselves on aligning our approach with each client’s goals. We realize that not all litigation victories come in a courtroom. From the outset, our litigation team focuses on strategies to win or favorably resolve disputes as early as possible. While our attorneys have a proven track record of trial work, we understand that for our business clients, the best wins come before litigation ever has a chance to begin. Our attorneys will work with the client to define, assess and minimize litigation risks and develop proactive strategies to navigate the shifting legal landscape that confronts each client’s business.

The Spencer Fane litigation team never loses sight of the business needs of our clients. We pride ourselves on staffing that allows clients to benefit both from the wisdom and judgment of our veteran litigators and the efficiency of our associates. The result of these efforts is an agile, experienced and cost-effective representation for our clients.

Our Litigation areas of focus include: