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Licensure and Accreditation

Spencer Fane Health Care attorneys guide hospital systems, licensed medical facilities, and medical professionals through processes of licensure and accreditation, allowing health care providers to avoid unnecessary delays in operations and keep their focus on providing top-notch care.

Missteps in these processes can jeopardize the future of a client’s health care business, and we understand the urgency facilities face in any situation involving licensure or accreditation issues. When unforeseen events occur, we respond and act quickly. Spencer Fane has attorneys familiar with all legal areas of health care that licensure and accreditation affects, including HIPAA compliance and correspondence with insurers.

Our attorneys act as a liaison between health care organizations and regulatory agencies in licensure situations, particularly in representing buyers during a change of ownership. This includes understanding the different applications needed depending on the type of facility, and providing the supporting documentation the corresponding state agency needs. In addition, we help clients understand regulatory needs related to timing and notice requirements.

Spencer Fane also helps clients opening new facilities, including those expanding operations into other states. New licenses can often be more difficult than a change in ownership, and require additional documentation.

In the event that a licensed professional has a complaint reported to a state board, our attorneys help craft a response on behalf of the organization or the individual, in an effort to help them maintain their practice. We consult with in-house counsel, as necessary, to manage the process with a focus on avoiding disciplinary action altogether.

We also advise health care facilities of all types on Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations, and Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program accreditation issues. Our attorneys prepare clients for surveys on compliance based on state and federal standards for operating the facilities, and respond to findings of non-compliance or deficiencies. This includes assistance in drafting correction plans that address the issues, and guidance in executing on those strategies to maintain accreditation.

Additionally, we help administration leaders determine what needs to be reported to the board, and counsel them on how to effectively answer questions about whether existing processes meet accreditation standards.