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Loan Enforcement

Spencer Fane Bankruptcy attorneys assist traditional and nontraditional lenders facing difficult situations related to loan nonpayment by providing options that allow clients to maximize financial returns and maintain a focus on successful revenue-generating investments.

We help clients create positive outcomes in a cost-efficient manner. Because we work with financial institutions of many sizes with different structures and goals, we learn each client’s unique business objectives, which inform our recommendations for pursuing loan enforcement. We handle large, complex commercial loans with particular difficulties, and maintain flexibility and command of the industry to address any situation early and provide pathways that don’t involve litigation to help recoup losses.

Our attorneys work with all types of banks and traditional financial institutions and alternative lenders to protect depositors’ investments. This can include bankruptcy or alternative resolutions like workouts, receiverships, or foreclosures. We analyze all those options and provide the client with the likely outcome of each procedure. We then leverage colleagues in various specialties of our Bankruptcy practice based on the preferred method of enforcement.

In addition, we keep clients in compliance with FDCPA and other key statutes during all phases of the loan enforcement process, and our team can investigate fraudulent transfers, borrower misrepresentation, and borrower misconduct.