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TheraCea Announced Winner of UACI Sponsored Launch Fueled by Spencer Fane LLP Competition

March 12, 2024

As part of ongoing efforts to uplift fellow forward-thinking companies, Spencer Fane supported the University of Arizona Center for Innovation (UACI) in selecting TheraCea as the UACI Sponsored Launch Fueled by Spencer Fane LLP competition winner.

The joint mission of UACI and Spencer Fane is to support scalable science and technology startups by selecting one company to receive a year of sponsored admission at UACI as well as free legal services through Spencer Fane. TheraCea, a technology startup dedicated to developing clinical diagnostic tools that contribute to faster, more accurate cancer and neurological disorder detection, was announced the winner at the February 16 competition.

Spencer Fane attorney Raj Gangadean was one of three judges to score the competing startups before ultimately selecting TheraCea as the winner.

“As a firm, we are honored to support and work with TheraCea as the winning startup through the University of Arizona Center for Innovation. We are both leaders in our respective industries and strive to provide best-in-class services to our clients, whether that is clinical diagnostic tools or legal consultancy. It’s a great match in terms of dedication and client service,” Raj elaborated. “We are excited to partner with a team that is focused on providing answers to patients and their oncologists or neurologists through faster and more accurate detection of cancer and neurological disorders.” 

The entrepreneurial competition developed by UACI provides a critical access point for startup companies within the Southern Arizona region. The winning package, valued at $16,800, is fully funded by Spencer Fane and includes a 28-point roadmap, customized business mentoring, and office and laboratory space.

Spencer Fane looks forward to providing resources for TheraCea that will help lay the groundwork for the company’s continued development and success. Learn more about the competition here.