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Steven Laureanti Examines Intellectual Property Landscape for InBusiness Phoenix

April 7, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Steven Laureanti recently authored an article published in InBusiness Phoenix that examined emerging technologies affecting the intellectual property landscape.

In his article – Intellectual Property Trends: What’s in Store for 2023 and Beyond? – Steven discussed trends such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and how innovation in those areas continues to impact the IP space. Noting that the state of IP patents and litigation is in flux, Steven explained what protection measures are currently available for AI and blockchain technologies.

“Obtaining IP protection for these technologies requires careful framing of the patent to ensure that what is being protected is sufficiently technology-based,” Steven said. “This step is necessary to further ensure the patent can withstand the forces of litigation.”

At Spencer Fane, Steven helps his clients identify, protect, and enforce their intellectual property (both domestically and internationally), develop and grow key technologies, and create long-term strategies and technology roadmaps for building comprehensive intellectual property portfolios that achieve his clients’ overall business goals.

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