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Spencer Fane Attorney Highlights Employer Considerations When Returning to Work

May 5, 2020

Spencer Fane attorney Casey Murray was recently featured as an on-air guest with 98.1 KMBZ Radio to discuss a range of considerations employers should make as they plan for their teams to return to work.

As a guest on the “Midday with Jayme & Grayson” show, Murray addressed a range of factors, including the question of whether employers must provide a safe work environment; whether they may be held liable if an employee contracts COVID-19; the timing of a return-to-work transition; and how to manage employees who may not be comfortable returning to work, among other things.

“It depends on what the job is but obviously if you’re working in a hospital or a high risk environment, the employer is going to be held to a higher standard than if you’re in a low risk environment,” Murray commented, when discussing an employer’s obligation to provide a safe environment. “The first step is for employers to determine where they fall in the categories – high risk, medium risk or low risk.”

To listen to the full interview, please click here.