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Ryan Crayne and Serena O’Neil Provide Healthcare Checklist for College Students

November 3, 2021

Spencer Fane attorneys Ryan Crayne and Serena O’Neil recently published an article in Advisor Perspectives covering health care document preparation for college students.

Titled “An Essential Healthcare Checklist for College Students,” the article discusses important health care documents that every college student should have. Those documents include a healthcare directive, a HIPAA authorization form, copies of all health-related insurance cards, and an emergency contact plan.

“Given the ongoing pandemic, make sure that college students have their healthcare documents in place before they head off to school,” Ryan and Serena explained. “Introducing college students to these essential estate planning tools is an excellent way to help protect them in an emergency and begin the broader conversation of managing their personal finances and health as young adults.”

To read the full article, please click here.