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Pulmonaer Analytics Brings Exciting Digital Health Product to Spencer Fane Startup Lab

April 2, 2021

Spencer Fane is pleased to announce Pulmonaer Analytics — creator of a digital health product designed to improve asthma outcomes by enhancing the patient experience, building physician loyalty and improving patient and community engagement to control asthma and extend the ecosystem of care — as the fifth participant in the firm’s Startup Lab, an innovative program designed to help burgeoning businesses address legal needs and create meaningful community relationships.

As part of the Startup Lab, Pulmonaer Analytics and founder Sunti Wathanacharoen will work with Spencer Fane attorneys for a three-month period to tackle critical legal matters for the company as it expands the reach of Asthma Insight, a mobile platform centered around an “Action Plan” that is built in partnership with the patient’s doctor and can be shared with other care team and family members, and even school nurses. The app connects everyone involved in the care plan for synchronized collaboration and improved care for the patient.

On January 5, 2021, Congress passed the School-Based Allergies and Asthma Management Program Act, that financially incentives a number of asthma and allergy programs and policies related to care plans, training programming, trigger identification/management and coordinated care practices with families and health providers. Currently, Asthma Insight is a leading digital health solution that streamlines compliance and promotes asthma control in schools that perpetuate academic success.

“I deal with adult asthma every day of my life,” Wathanacharoen said. “My son has dealt with the same breathing issues, and I knew there had to be a better way to allow him to enjoy school while reducing the disruptions caused by his asthma. Everyone that has touched the company or technology throughout its development has been impacted by asthma, starting with me and extending outward.

“We want to provide resources to asthma sufferers that will improve disease competence and self-care management to de-stigmatizing asthma and ultimately improve outcomes and quality of life.”

For the Startup Lab, Spencer Fane selects a startup company once every quarter to receive not only legal consultation but also mentoring and assistance in facilitating meaningful business connections. The program is currently limited to Kansas City, but is considering expanding to other cities where the firm has offices.

With the potential widespread use of the Asthma Insight app, Spencer Fane will provide resources on compliance with a litany of state and federal regulations along with counsel related to user agreements, contracts, data privacy and security and marketing and distribution.

“We have a significant opportunity to extend the reach of Asthma Insight,” Wathanacharoen said. “Pulmonaer Analytics always expected an upward trajectory for the product, and there will not be a better time to benefit from not only the legal counsel and service of attorneys at Spencer Fane but also from mentorship within the thriving tech business community in Kansas City.”

The Startup Lab continues to provide services to local companies committed to the Kansas City business community and the development of a diverse local economy. Helix Health, TravelHive, Biin and Highploom were the first four participants in the program.

“Kansas City continues to be a leader in developing successful products and ideas from local entrepreneurs and innovators,” said Spencer Fane partner Patrick McAndrews, Chair of Startup Lab. “What a wonderful opportunity to work with Sunti and his team on Asthma Insight, which will undoubtedly help change and shape the future for those suffering with asthma. We have enjoyed the opportunity to work with all Startup Lab participants, and we can’t wait to track the success of Asthma Insight in helping patients better track and manage symptoms while ultimately saving people time and money related to the number of visits needed to see medical professionals.”

For more information about the Spencer Fane Startup Lab, please visit Startups and Emerging Companies and download the information packet at the bottom of the page. If interested in applying for the program, please complete the application and email it to Startup Lab Chair Patrick McAndrews at or