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Paul Jacobson Shares Advice on Proposition 65 in IndustryWeek

December 22, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Paul Jacobson shares in an IndustryWeek article why companies in the supply chain for consumer products sold in California need to pay close attention to the California law known as Proposition 65.

In his article, Proposition 65 Hits Manufacturers Far and Wide, Paul outlines the law’s specifics and its potential impact on California manufacturers and suppliers. He also shares best practices and manufacturing-specific examples.

Paul says, “For those still unaware of the law and those aware but hoping they will not be targeted, taking proactive steps to address the law is likely the most economical path forward, both financially and in terms of company resource drain and stress.”

At Spencer Fane, Paul helps businesses manage their environmental and workplace safety legal challenges. He frequently interacts with the EPA, OSHA, and state environmental quality and workplace safety agencies.

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