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Pat Whalen Discusses Spencer Fane Value Proposition in The American Lawyer

March 9, 2021

Spencer Fane Chair Pat Whalen was recently featured in an article in The American Lawyer in which the legal publication spotlighted the firm’s unique position in the industry as clients are expected to increasingly apply rate pressure on larger competitors.

Titled “Top Firms Have Accelerated Growth, but Clients Could Seek Middle Ground in 2021,” The American Lawyer explained that “billing rate pressure and clients divvying up work more systematically may provide growth opportunities in 2021.” The article drew a comparison between the price point of the largest 50 firms in the nation and a law firm like Spencer Fane, which ranked in Am Law’s Second Hundred last year.

In the article, Pat discusses the firm’s value proposition and unique ability to help clients “do more with less.”

“I think clients will increasingly see that they’re able to capture more value from a firm like Spencer Fane and others in that cohort over some of the traditional firms that you talk about,” Pat explained. “That’s going to provide opportunities for firms in the Second Hundred who can demonstrate their excellence and their expertise, but at a more efficient price point.”

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