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Pat Whalen and Elizabeth Fast Highlight Firm’s Commitment to Financial Services Industry

November 11, 2020

The Kansas City Business Journal recently interviewed Spencer Fane Chair Patrick J. Whalen and attorney Elizabeth Fast for an article on how a focus on financial services and bankruptcy matters drives the firm’s current growth pattern.

Titled “Spencer Fane’s banking and bankruptcy practice becomes key growth driver,” the article highlights the unique approach Spencer Fane takes to client service in the banking industry and how that has contributed to year-over-year growth for the firm. This includes noting attorneys who have served as general counsel at a bank, as mortgage brokers, or in other financial services fields.

“There are a lot of attorneys in our industry who say they’re bank attorneys, but they only focus on legal work and not regulatory and compliance work,” Elizabeth explained in the article. “Our firm does it all. Legal is traditional litigation, drafting loan documents or deposit contracts, and enforcing those contracts. We also do regulatory and compliance work. We help banks deal with regulators, so when an examiner comes in and says the bank is doing something unfair with consumers or something like that, we can step in and work with them.”

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