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Nate Orr Highlights Kansas City and Spencer Fane on Drinks With Leaders

April 25, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Nate Orr was a featured guest on Drinks With Leaders, a web series that provides weekly insights from Kansas City rainmakers.

Nate spoke to hosts Aaron Fulk and Scott Havens about his upbringing, his love for Kansas City, and his career. As a lifelong advocate for the city, Nate shared that his legal work in the business development space “dovetails nicely” with his “real passion,” the local community.

Nate also discussed the unique culture at Spencer Fane. He summarized the firm as a partnership that drives “not only how we interact with our partners but with all of the employees and staff at the firm.” Nate further elaborated that Spencer Fane is not an organization where relationships are transactional but rather “an ecosystem [where] every piece is dependent upon the other piece, and the same thing is true with respect to the outside of our four walls when we’re working with our clients.”

Nate was joined on the episode by Chukky Okobi of Basic Instructions, Amy Slattery of Odimo, and Jennifer Dehan of Velocity Staff, Inc.

At Spencer Fane, Nate serves as outside general counsel for his clients, managing their legal matters across all the firm’s practice areas and ensuring that clients get the best and most responsive representation possible for their unique matters. In doing so, he takes the lead role in coordinating clients’ projects in litigation and government affairs.

Watch the full episode here.