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Missouri Lawyers Weekly: Spencer Fane 2019 Growth Attributed to Strong Culture

June 26, 2020

Missouri Lawyers Weekly recently recognized Spencer Fane as having the “single best performance by a large Missouri law firm in 2019” in an annual report measuring firms across the state, but the firm’s growth was not its only stand-out characteristic.

“Spencer Fane also spent a lot of time in 2019 clarifying the firm’s shared values,” Missouri Lawyers Weekly reported. “Four of its standards —collaboration, empowerment, resiliency and having fierce resolve to win for its clients — might appear on any firm’s list. But the firm’s top professed trait — humility — seems out-of-place in the hard-charging legal world.”

However, Chairman Pat Whalen argued that is not the case.

“If you’re not humble in your interactions with your clients, you cannot truly be an extraordinary lawyer, and if you’re not humble in your interactions with your colleagues it’s very difficult to have a workable, strong culture within the firm,” he said.

The firm’s core values were a large part of the firm’s growth in 2019 and will be key contributors to the firm’s resiliency into the coming year.

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