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Kansas City Business Journal: Spencer Fane ‘Fastest-Growing Law Firm’ Among National Peers

July 21, 2023

The Kansas City Business Journal recently highlighted Spencer Fane in a feature article about  the drivers behind its track record of growing “faster than any of the 200 largest firms in the nation over the last five years.”

In the article, How Spencer Fane Became the Fastest-Growing Law Firm of the Nation’s Top 200, reporter James Dornbrook spoke with Chair Patrick J. Whalen about the firm’s successful and intentional growth model. Pat attributed the firm’s ability to grow to and meet client needs to three metrics – attracting top talent, maintaining its commitment to culture, and fitting practices to the client market.

“When making decisions, we are very disciplined in letting the data support each of those three categories,” he said. “It forces us to continually reevaluate strategic choices based on what the market, clients, and talent are telling us and what our numbers are telling us.”

Pat also discussed how these metrics have led the firm and its clients to realize new opportunities, lessen bureaucracy, and empower smaller, more efficient teams.

“Because of our track record, people are learning more about the firm, the value we add to the clients, and the value we add to talent,” Pat said. “We’re getting significantly more opportunities than we had even five years ago.”

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