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Kansas City Business Journal Features Spencer Fane Growth, Focus on Culture

December 14, 2022

The Kansas City Business Journal recently spotlighted how Spencer Fane is able to attract top talent through its powerful firm culture. The feature article also highlighted the firm’s growth, even calling Spencer Fane “one of the fastest-growing law firms in the U.S. over the past decade.”

In the article, Spencer Fane Looks to Overcome the Challenge of Maintaining Culture as it Grows, reporter James Dornbrook spoke with Chair Patrick J. Whalen about ensuring that the firm’s company culture doesn’t disappear as the firm continues to grow.

“It all goes back to how we are unlocking value for our clients,” Pat said. “We continue to look at strategic markets where our clients do business and see if there’s a fit for our model and culture. That pipeline continues to grow. But really where we’re spending the bulk of our time is ensuring we avoid the complacency and over-confidence that sometimes grips fast-growing organizations. Instead, we want to double-down on humility and make it all about our clients, as opposed to thinking that we have some blueprint figured out on strategic growth.”

Pat also discussed the firm’s multidisciplined approach and the value it brings to clients.

“Professional services firms can add significantly more value if they bring a holistic team instead of just one practice area and one level of expertise,” Pat said. “The question is, can you do that in a way that doesn’t become inefficient and expensive for clients, and in a way that talent inside the firm is excited about? You can look at some of our industry groups, and they are world-class and thriving, focused on one industry. Then there are other practices that span a number of industry sectors, but they’re every bit as world-class in their service offering.”

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