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Elizabeth Lally and Jason Medley Talk Bankruptcy for Commercial Factor

May 15, 2023

Spencer Fane attorneys Elizabeth Lally and Jason Medley recently co-authored an article for Commercial Factor, an International Factoring Association publication.

Their piece, Two Sides of the Same Coin: How a Rise in Bankruptcies will Affect Factors in 2023, appeared in the magazine’s April 12 issue. In it, Elizabeth and Jason discuss how factors – intermediary company finance agents – can capitalize on the increase in bankruptcy filings.

“While a struggling economy and an increase in bankruptcies is concerning overall, it provides an opportunity for factors to engage in post-petition financing or to stave off other inferior creditors that can be a nuisance to struggling small businesses,” they said. “… Factors often come to the rescue during these times.”

At Spencer Fane, Elizabeth solves complex banking and bankruptcy matters for businesses and financial institutions through proactive counsel, litigation, and alternative dispute resolution methods, providing consistently beneficial resolutions to protect her clients’ interests. Jason helps banks and other financial institutions structure transactions in a manner that enables them to close efficiently, allowing for key stakeholders to maximize benefits and avoid unnecessary delays or costs.

Read their full article here.