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Dave Seitter Launches Show Me the Way Podcast for Business Owners

November 23, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Dave Seitter launched his podcast, Show Me the Way: How to Lead Your Business to a Successful Exit, earlier this year.

The podcast is an outgrowth of Dave’s 2020 book, Quiet Plans – Exciting Results. Each episode serves as a single “chapter” featuring one-on-one interviews with successful business owners across multiple industries whose insights offer assistance, hope, and direction to current and prospective business owners aiming to grow their businesses so they can achieve the best possible exit for their companies. The podcast also explores mergers and acquisitions as a methodology for exponential growth.

At Spencer Fane, Dave’s practice focuses on complex business issues critical to his clients’ transactions and responds rapidly to provide legal counseling in dynamic business situations. As an advisor to business owners, C-suite executives, and high net worth individuals, Dave is viewed as a thought leader by bringing innovative approaches and actionable solutions to clients.

Go to Dave’s website to learn more and access the full podcast episodes here.