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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law Conference

October 21, 2021

Spencer Fane was pleased to sponsor and have attorneys John Browning and Shawn Tuma speak at the Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Law Conference. Hosted by The Center for American and International Law, John and Shawn presented on technology, legal ethics, and cybersecurity topics.

During John’s session “Ghosts In The Machine: Ethical Issues In Artificial Intelligence,” he covered ethical issues associated with artificial intelligence, including privacy, misuse, discrimination, and transparency.

As the Conference Co-Chair, Shawn moderated the panel discussion “Cyber Insurance Is A Must-Have, But What Must Companies Do To Get Coverage And How Is The Process Helping Improve Their Cybersecurity? An Insurtech, Underwriter, And Lawyer Explain.” The panel covered cyber insurance and best practices for protecting data.

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