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Bill Hopkins Talks Diversity and Cultural Competence at THCA Annual Convention

October 18, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Bill Hopkins served as a featured speaker at the Texas Health Care Association (THCA) 72nd Annual Convention & Trade Show on September 12 in San Antonio, Texas.

During his presentation, The Importance of Cultural Competence in Providing Care and Program Development in Long Term Care, Bill took a deep dive into diversity and cultural competence and outlined its connection to the provision of health care. He outlined the importance of providers focusing on cultural competence and diversity to master and achieve true “patient-centered care.” Bill also shared best practices for achieving cultural competence goals and achieving the overall best outcomes.

The Texas Health Care Association (THCA) has represented long-term care providers in the state for over 70 years and currently serves for-profit and nonprofit skilled nursing centers, nursing homes, specialized rehabilitation facilities, and assisted living communities. On average, 600 long-term care executives, administrators, staff, and business members, across the long-term care industry, attend the convention and trade show.

At Spencer Fane, Bill helps to protect health care providers and health care companies against the many potential pitfalls in the industry, serving as both an advocate and educator for his clients in administrative law, regulatory defense, compliance, and litigation. He ensures that the legal aspects of health care are covered, so his clients can maintain their focus where it matters most – providing health care.