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Bill Hopkins Speaks at Harris County Medical Society Branch Meeting

November 4, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Bill Hopkins outlined the importance of cultural competence in health care practices for the Central Branch of Harris County Medical Society (HCMS) on September 27 in Houston.

During his presentation, Cultural Competence in Physician Practice, Bill defined cultural competency and outlined each of its components and highlighted the role that cultural competency has in the practice of medicine. He shared best practices to maximize benefits of cultural competency and improve patient communication. Bill also described both the benefits and barriers to culturally competent health care.

Established in 1903, HCMS is the professional organization for physicians in Harris County and the largest county medical society in the nation, representing more than 12,500 physicians and medical students.

At Spencer Fane, Bill helps to protect health care providers and health care companies against the many potential pitfalls in the industry, serving as both an advocate and educator for his clients in administrative law, regulatory defense, compliance, and litigation. He ensures that the legal aspects of health care are covered, so his clients can maintain their focus where it matters most – providing health care.