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Bill Hopkins Outlines Best Practices for Family Law Primary Care Group

November 21, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Bill Hopkins provided a private, in-house training on the important distinctions for treating minors for a pediatric and family medicine primary care group on September 21 in Austin, Texas.

During his presentation, Treatment of Minors in Texas: What You Need to Know and Understand to Stay Out of Trouble, Bill outlined the important considerations and questions to ask regarding treatment of minors – including emancipation considerations – and identified the circumstances that allow minors to consent to their own treatment. He discussed the rights of the minor and the parents to control the release of protected healthcare information (PHI). Bill concluded with best practices for avoiding misunderstandings and reducing potential liability when treating minors.

At Spencer Fane, Bill helps to protect health care providers and health care companies against the many potential pitfalls in the industry, serving as both an advocate and educator for his clients in administrative law, regulatory defense, compliance, and litigation. He ensures that the legal aspects of health care are covered, so his clients can maintain their focus where it matters most – providing health care.