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Beth Nillen Shares Her Pandemic Experiences in Greater Phoenix In Business Magazine

November 1, 2022

Spencer Fane attorney Beth Nillen offered her personal insight into how companies can create an employee-centric workplace culture that supports mental health and other pandemic-related hardships in an article published by Greater Phoenix In Business Magazine.

In her article, Inside View of the Pandemic – and Tips to Nurture Employee Mental Health, Beth shared her personal experience from the front lines during COVID-19 and the many simple changes employers can implement to support employees, including hybrid scheduling, increased communication, and shared experiences. She also touched on the pandemic’s impact on employee mental health.

Beth wrote, “One particular issue that sticks with me from my time as an ICU nurse is the need to approach people on a human level: We need to not only listen to what people say – really listen – but we also need to react accordingly. Everyone experiences joy, love, uncertainty, anxiousness, stress, and pain. The more we share these experiences, collectively, and acknowledge our own struggles and triumphs and encourage others to express their own, the more we can bond together and bring the mental health pandemic out of the darkness.”

Beth has an extensive legal background handling the day-to-day legal affairs for her clients as well as representing them in all facets of employment relationships and complex business litigation. She has firsthand clinical understanding of health care, as she is a stroke-certified registered nurse with eight years of in-hospital experience.