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Beth Nillen Discusses the Significance of Independent Investigators in AHLA’s Health Law Weekly

November 14, 2023

Spencer Fane attorney Beth Nillen recently authored an article for Health Law Weekly, a blog maintained by the American Health Law Association (AHLA), on the specific situations when it is critical that a health care organization hire an independent investigator.

In her article, When Should a Health Care Organization Hire an Independent Investigator for Employment-Related Issues?, Beth explains why, in specific scenarios, independent investigators may not only save health care organizations the burden and distraction of conducting a complex investigation but also provide crucial legal defenses that would not otherwise be available to the company.

Beth shares, “Every investigation presents unique challenges. Health care organizations present trickier circumstances for outside investigators because the nature of the complaints often implicate issues unique to health care. Therefore, consideration should be given to hiring an investigator who is not only specially trained to conduct workplace investigations but also has health care experience.”

At Spencer Fane, Beth combines more than 15 years of employment law background, her recent experience as an ICU nurse, and knowledge as a health care lawyer to investigate employment claims for various health care companies. She also handles day-to-day legal affairs for her clients, representing them in all facets of the employment relationship in addition to their health care law-related concerns.

Read the full article here. Please note, a subscription may be required.