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Allen Darrah Joins Technology Executives Club Board of Advisors

April 24, 2023

We are pleased to announce that Spencer Fane IT Director Allen Darrah has joined the Technology Executives Club Board of Advisors.

Technology Executives Club (TEC) is an online education, peer advisory, and digital leadership coaching program for technology executives. As an active thought leader in their community, Allen has frequently participated in the organization’s seminars and podcast, CIOs Unleashed. In his important new role, Allen will help grow the Club’s mentoring program and continue providing content that aims to empower CIOs and Senior Technology, Digital and Industry executives.

“I am excited to help contribute to the community as a member of the Board of Advisors … in the areas of programming, teaching, and mentoring,” Allen shared.

At Spencer Fane, Allen serves as the Head of Information Technology. He provides leadership to a cross-functional team across all firm locations to evaluate and continually improve technology operations’ performance, stability, privacy, and security. In 2022, he was honored with the Technology Executive Club’s CIOs Unleashed award.

Learn more about Allen and his new role here.