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Allen Darrah Honored at 2022 Technology Innovation & Digital Transformation Leadership Summit

December 19, 2022

Spencer Fane professional staff member Allen Darrah received one of the inaugural TEC Awards at the Technology Innovation & Digital Transformation Summit on October 27 in Chicago, Illinois.

Hosted by the Technology Executives Club, the Summit provided networking and educational opportunities to technology industry leaders before concluding with an award presentation and reception. Allen received the CIOs Unleashed Award, an honor bestowed for his active involvement with the CIOs Unleashed vlog, podcast, and master class events. Earlier this year, Allen was featured on one of the program’s episodes and spoke to both current and future technology leaders on the core tenants of technology leadership.

“I had the great opportunity to speak to the CIOs Unleashed community in 2022 on what I’ve learned from some of the best leaders in both academia and through experiential learning in the workplace, mantras that help me navigate my career,” said Allen. “During one of those talks, I shared what I’ve seen in every great leader I’ve ever had the opportunity to learn from, which is a combination of Creating Value then Communicating Value. During the presentation, I shared useful approaches to build these skills in ourselves and practice them daily. I’m honored that the members of the Technology Executives Club enjoyed the talk enough to recognize me with this inaugural award. It’s a great organization, and I learn a lot from its members.”

At Spencer Fane, Allen works as the Head of Information Services. He provides leadership to a cross-functional team across all firm locations to evaluate and continually improve technology operations’ performance, stability, privacy, and security. In 2020, he was honored as an Unsung Legal Hero by Missouri Lawyers Media for his exceptional efforts during the firm’s pandemic transition to remote work.

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