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2023-2024 Kansas Legislative Session Anticipated Deadlines

January 13, 2023

The Kansas Legislature convened the first day of the 2023 Session at 2 p.m. on January 9, 2023. Here I outline the anticipated deadlines for introduction and consideration of bills and they must be adopted as part of the Joint Rules of the Senate and House of Representatives for the 2023-2024 biennium. The legislature anticipates a 90-day session, but the length of the session is fluid.

Monday, January 30. The last day for a member (Senator or Representative) or a group of members to request bill drafts from the Revisor of Statutes. Legislators may pre-file bills and make requests of the Revisor of Statutes before convening in the first year of the biennium. Pre-filed bills are read in on day 1 of the session.

Monday February 6. The last day for non-exempt committees to request bill drafts from the Revisor of Statutes and the last day requests for introduction can be on a non-exempt committee agenda. Exempt Committees or Blessed Committees include the House and Senate Federal and State Affairs, Senate Ways and Means, Senate Assessment and Taxation, House committees on Calendar and Printing, Appropriations, Taxation, or select committees of either house when authorized.

Wednesday February 8. The last day for individuals to introduce bills in originating chamber. After this date, bill introductions are made by committee in the originating chamber.

Friday February 10. The last day for non-exempt committees to introduce bills in originating chamber. Note, during the first 30 days of the session, the bulk of legislative work takes place in committees. After a bill is passed out of a committee, it is sent to the Committee of the Whole (the full body or chamber) where it will remain on the calendar until the Majority Leader places it on the agenda for consideration and debate during Committee of the Whole. Exempt bills are those bills sponsored by, referred to, or acted upon, by an exempt committee. Bills that do not receive a hearing in a non-exempt committee before the deadline may be re-referred to an exempt committee, then re-re-referred to a committee for a hearing. This is referred to as “blessing the bill.”

Friday February 24. Also known as Turnaround Day, this is the last day to consider non-exempt bills in house of origin.

Wednesday March 29. Second Chamber Consideration. The last day to consider non-exempt bills not in originating chamber.

Thursday April 6. First Adjournment. No bills considered after this date except bills vetoed by the governor, omnibus appropriations act and omnibus reconciliation spending limit bills. The rule is subject to suspension by motion pursuant to Joint Rule 4(k).

Wednesday, April 26. The anticipated beginning of the Veto Session.

This blog was drafted by Diane Minear, an attorney in the Spencer Fane Overland Park, Kansas, office. For more information, visit