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Virtually every association faces questions of legal significance from time to time. From start-up structural issues to complex transactions or litigation, there are regulatory and practical requirements every association must keep in mind. Our Association Law attorneys have experience handling those matters, allowing you to focus on the mission of your organization rather than trying to navigate complicated statutes and regulations.

Whether incorporated or unincorporated, large or small, we can help your association anticipate and avoid legal exposure. That’s always the best strategy. However, if unfortunate events have already created a risk of liability, we can help minimize that risk or defend alleged violations. Whether scrutiny comes from disgruntled members, interested non-members, government regulators or the courts, we’re familiar with frequent challenges to association actions and we provide sound, creative and workable solutions for association leaders.

In addition to experience with legal procedures, our Association Law attorneys have also developed a general familiarity with the industries underlying our association clients. Among others, these industries include agriculture, athletics, education, healthcare, entertainment and business. We also have experience working with religious, charitable and property-related associations of all sizes and forms. Without interfering in policy decisions, this familiarity with the substance of associations’ affairs allows us to “hit the ground running” and provide time-sensitive, customized counsel in a wide variety of fields.