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Spencer Fane Sponsors Only One Day a Year at The Coterie Theatre

January 26, 2023

Spencer Fane is proud to sponsor The Coterie’s production of Only One Day a Year, a play by Michelle Tyrene Johnson, in Kansas City from January 31 to March 5.

Drawing on Kansas City and Black history, the award-winning play weaves together the past and present to deliver a powerful story about love and justice. In the early 1960s, protagonist Rose James battles a racial segregation policy that only allows black customers into Fairyland amusement park one day a year. In the present, she empowers her granddaughter Ella to combat injustice at her school.

This production exemplifies The Coterie’s aim to “open lines of communication between races, genders, and generations by redefining children’s theatre to include families and diverse audiences.” As a firm that champions diversity, equity, and inclusion as well as community involvement, Spencer Fane is thrilled by the opportunity to promote this mission.

Learn more about the play and purchase tickets here.