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Spencer Fane Joins WEN’s 35th Anniversary Celebration

April 23, 2021

Spencer Fane was pleased to recently sponsor the Women’s Employment Network (WEN) 35th Anniversary Celebration, which commemorated the organization’s 35th year of assisting the women of Kansas City in accomplishing goals and overcoming challenges.

Hosted by Pam Breuckmann and Jen Regas, the event highlighted the organization’s history and recognized the many donors that contributed to the mission of supporting women, while focusing on the theme of the event: “perseverance.”

WEN highlighted the pandemic-induced difficulties that women overcame, including managing their careers with added household responsibilities like homeschooling children. “WEN empowers women to become a better version of their best selves,” a member noted.

At Spencer Fane, our Women ADVOCATE group aligns well with WEN’s mission, as it aims to advance women within the firm and their civic and business communities. The group is dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of female attorneys, and provides resources to develop our members, champion their interests, and offers an environment for all members to thrive.

To learn more about WEN’s event, please click here.